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Miniature of Begam Zinat Mahal


An Indian miniature portrait painting on ivory, likely showing Begam Zinat Mahal the last Mughal Empress and wife of Bahadur Shah. The woman sits in front of a pink curtain, adored with heavy earrings, and a necklace and wearing a shawl with gold and turquoise trim.

The work was painted by an unknown artist of the Company School. This 'school' refers to paintings produced by Indigenous Indian artists who were under the patronage of the officials of the East India Company. Thus works of this 'school' were targeted towards the British market and so future a fusion of both European and Mughal painting. The tradition of painting miniatures on Ivory was a British technique adopted by the Indian artists in the 19th century who utilised it to create paintings with jewel-like shine.

It is possible that object information will be updated as new research findings are discovered. Please email if you can improve this record.

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