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The Collection History

The Kentoni Collection was established on the island of Cyprus, which is situated in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea. Over several generations, the nucleus of the collection was formed from objects passed down or gifted to the Papacharalambous and Kentonis families during the early twentieth century.


Today, the collection finds itself under the stewardship of Antonis Kentonis (b. Cyprus) and Gabriel Roberto Greer (b. Guatemala), who are united by a shared mission to foster and advocate for positive intercultural exchange and the principles of ethical collecting. In 2021, efforts were initiated to digitise and transform the Collection into an educational resource for Cyprus, with a long-term vision of establishing a physically accessible venue. In September 2022, the collection initiated its presence on social media, and two months later, on 16th November 2022, it officially launched its online collection website.


There is an ongoing effort to broaden the Collection's scope to include a more extensive range of historical eras and geographic regions, acquiring objects with significant historical and design narratives.


The Kentoni Collection invites individuals to partake in the exploration and appreciation of the humanities. Within this invitation lies the opportunity to delve into the cultural context enveloping these remarkable artefacts, all of which are cared for under the dedicated custodianship of the Collection. This unique experience not only facilitates the unraveling of the intricate threads of history but also fosters a deep appreciation for the artistry and significance these objects bring to our collective understanding of the world's rich heritage.

A portrait image of the collection founders Antonis Kentonis and Gabriel Roberto Greer both sitting with collection objects around them.

Antonis Kentonis


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Gabriel Roberto Greer


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Antonis (Right) and Gabriel (Left) in Cyprus, 2023. Photo © The Kentoni Collection 2023

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