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Get Involved

By creating a network of individuals who are invested in the future of the collection, we hope to create an engaged and committed audience. There are many ways to get involved, including offering your expertise, creative skills, and knowledge, or pledging a gift or donation. We welcome collaborations with established brands and content creators looking to educate and promote cultural exchange with their audiences.

Please read the sections below to see the all opportunities available.

A close up of an old water jug. It is brown and has several cracks.

Contribute to research

Are you a researcher, institute or student interested in studying one of our objects? Or have you noticed any incorrect information in our collection database?


Please contact us with details regarding your research and the object/s you are looking to study. If you have any corrections regarding dating, material, identification, cultural context, or anything else on specific objects in the collection, please also use this email address.


Creative Opportunities


We are always open to collaborative projects with artists and creatives. If you are interested in helping bring the collection to life through your creative skills, you can contact us with small project proposals, whether that be videography, animation, painting etc. here.

While we may not be able to undertake certain projects at certain times, we will consider proposals for possible future collaborations.

A Chinese child playing the flute in a parade procession with a person in a large phoenix behind him.
A woman is using tweezers to pick up dirt from a Japanese woodblock print of a mountain and seascape.

Make a Donation

Help us ignite the next generation's wonder and curiosity about art by becoming part of our initiative. Your donations help the Kentoni Collection continue to research, catalogue and conserve the objects in its care. These funds also aid in growing and maintaining this online database, as well as making these objects accessible to you. Please donate what you can, even a small amount makes a difference, thank you!

Our Ko-fi donation page

Donating an Object

The donation of objects facilitates the growth and enrichment of this collection, as well as the preservation and accessibility of the object for future generations. If you wish to donate an object, you can do so by filling out the form below with a description and information about how you acquired the object. We will only accept donated objects if they fall into the categories that we collect in and meet our collecting policy. We do not offer a valuation for any object.

It is also possible to donate in the form of a promised gift if you are interested in donating but are not yet ready to part with the item. It is a promise you make with the collection in which you commit to donating the aforementioned object at a later time. Let us know what you choose within your intention.

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