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Allegory of Hercules with the Vices

Bernard Picart

An allegorical engraving print designed by the French artist Bernard Picart (1673-1733). The composition shows Hercules being crowned as he delivers the chained-up vices to personifications of truth and justice while Fame plays the trumpet overhead.

Allegorical Figures and their Attributes:

1. Victory (winged and trumpets)

2. Truth (sun on her chest)

3. Justice (scales)

4. Hercules (club and lion skin)


5. Pride (dress and peacock)

6. Sloth (turtle on her head)

7. Wrath (blind and unsheathed sword)

8. Unfettered overindulgence/ Gluttony (drunk Bacchus with goat)

9. Vanity (bare-chested Venus)

10. Lust (Cupid with bow)

11. Greed (Bag of coins)

12. The Occult(?)/witchcraft(?) (Cloaked, rabbit, owl, wand and book)

13. Infamy(?) (wings on head, lyre, trumpet, writing)

14. Envy (snakes in her head that bite back at her)

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